Everyday life is filled with opportunities for citizens to make a difference

The Ecology of Democracy offers insights into where these opportunities might be found and why the work citizens do is so important. The book examines how the work of democracy can be done in ways that put more control in the hands of citizens and help restore the legitimacy of our institutions.

Discover insights from the wetlands

Measuring Democracy in America

As political pundits have begun to size up 2014, some continue to engage in anguished public handwringing over the health…

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Letter: the Ecology of Democracy

If you care about the health of our country but fear the political system is dysfunctional and mired in hyperpolarization,…

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RSS Ecology of Democracy – Classroom Conversations

  • The part of the chapter that December 2, 2016
    The part of the chapter that mentions that to be informed politically you must have facts and that's not all. I believe thatyou must be able to use those facts in a way that solves issues while informing others on how they can help as well. We come across obstacles in our lives where decisions […]
  • I agree with this completely December 1, 2016
    I agree with this completely and couldn't have put it into better words myself.
  • Whether everyone believes in December 1, 2016
    Whether everyone believes in evolution or not customs are passed from each generation to the next. The way things are done always changes but when comparing activities to get where we need to be it is quite similar from the past. Their are certain things each human needs and that doesn't change from generation to […]

RSS Ecology of Democracy – Community Conversations

  • Ability to learn October 29, 2015
    In order for the community to learn about why they are not progresive and not seeing any change in the community, stems from non involvement in the communities problems, if we want any change you have to change your views and look at your community as a part of the, problem, solution. Involvement is very […]